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CRAZY IRON Cage DAMPER YAMAHA MT-07, FZ-07, XSR700 2014-2020
CRAZY IRON Cage DAMPER YAMAHA MT-07, FZ-07, XSR700 2014-2020
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For sport-touring motorcycles, the presence of a damper is a great advantage. The damper dampens shocks and jerks when the wheel storms light bumps, helps to better keep the road and control the vehicle more accurately. There are several types of dampers – rod, rotary, spring. But they all have one significant drawback – varying degrees of vulnerability of all structures during falls. This is why installing a damper cage is so important.

How to choose a damper cage

In order to effectively protect your motorbike, you must first of all determine what type of damper is installed – the type of construction, adjustable or not. What specific protection is required depends on this. It should be strong enough to protect the device if the bike falls, but not too heavy to interfere with the controls.

If you plan to take part in races or competitions on street-class motorcycles, take care of protecting the damper in advance in order to not only make sure it is effective, but also check how convenient it is.

When you select, you will see some options – matte black, for example. But if your entire motorbike is made in a different style, then you can order a cover of a different color – and then you will have an additional unique accessory that not only increases the reliability of your vehicle, but is also quite attractive in appearance. After all, the exterior of your bike plays the same role as the motor, if you are serious about it.

Damper cage in online store Crazy Iron

This accessory belongs to tuning elements, it is only an option, therefore it is not supplied with the bike. Crazy Iron is the best company in making quality protection for any bike model.

In stock online shop have:

  • Large selection and reasonable prices;
  • High proven quality;
  • Professional advice from a specialist on the choice of protection;
  • Easy two-click ordering and very fast shipping;
  • You can order the fit of the design directly to your model;
  • High level of service.

In order to make the whole structure of the damper more durable, the cage will come in handy – it is made of fairly light steel, does not make the motorcycle too heavy, but is able to protect an important part when it falls. In the future, this will help save time for repairing the bike and money for buying a new part. Therefore, you should not delay the purchase if tuning a motorbike is a priority.

To make your bike perfect, you have to put in a lot of effort and invest your time in all sorts of parts and accessories. But the result will pay off – every detail the service technician offers you is technically justified. Installing a damper cage will increase its efficiency, protect it from falling, and therefore extend its life and increase your comfort. A motorcycle has no trifles – every detail must be in its place.

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